Step 0:  PlayerView Requirements

Please verify that your system meets PlayerView’s minimum requirements:

  • One or more the following Poker Clients: Party Poker (Or affiliate: Poker Now, Empire Poker, Coral Eurobet, etc), Poker Stars, and Ultimate bet.  Other poker sites not supported.
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP.  Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME are not supported.
  • One or more Poker Tracker databases.  Other poker databases are not supported.

Step 1: Installing the Microsoft .NET Framework

If you know you have the .NET framework installed, simply run Windows Update and check to make sure you have the latest version available from Microsoft, then move on to step 2.

  1. If you do not have the .NET Framework, or are not sure, you can obtain the .NET framework from Microsoft’s .NET redistributable page
  2. Next, install the .NET framework Service Pack from Microsoft’s .NET Service Pack 1 redistributable page
  3. Finally, run Windows Update to check for any additional .NET security updates

Step 2: Installing PlayerView

Open Setup.zip, obtained from www.playerview.net, and double-click Setup.exe.

Follow the steps in the Installation Wizard to install PlayerView onto your computer.

If you receive an error dialog telling you obtain the .NET framework, make sure you followed the procedure listed in Step 1.  If you have done this and you still receive the error dialog, please post on the PlayerView Support Forums or email PlayerView Support.

Step 3: Running PlayerView for the first time

The first time you run PlayerView you will be greeted by a configuration wizard.

Click “Autodetect Directories” to have PlayerView automatically configure itself for use with your poker clients.  This may take a while depending on the speed of your computer.Here we see that PlayerView has located a poker client software.  To continue, click next.
The next step involves locating your Poker Tracker databases.  Click the “Autodetect Databases” button.

Once the PlayerView wizard has detected your Poker Tracker databases you are finished with the initial PlayerView setup and can click Finish.

Important note:  This only applies to Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars users.  Party and Affiliate users: just click “Finish”

Add the names you play under, for Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars only, to this dialog box.

Once you have completed this step you can click “Finish”.

Step 4: Modifying your table statistic layout

To modify the layout of the statistics drawn on the table, open the Layout manager by going to Configuration->Layout Manager from the PlayerView main window.

Layout Manager Window (size reduced)

The layout manager handles layouts for each site independently, so be sure to select the appropriate tab when configuring your table layout for your sites.

To import table layouts (User submitted layouts available here) into the manager, go to File->Import Settings in the layout manager.  Note that all site layouts are stored in the same .pvl file.

To save your current layout to a .pvl file, go to File->Export Settings in the layout manager.

Step 5: Using PlayerView

This is the PlayerView main window.  To begin using PlayerView, open your poker clients and begin opening tables.

The table name and the limit characteristics should appear in the Main Window as shown above.

Soon after the next hand begins PlayerView will begin drawing player statistics on the screen:

Hovering your mouse over a player’s name reveals a “Hotspot” of statistics.

The statistics contained inside the Hotspots can be customized by going to Configuration->Options and selecting the Hotspots tab from the PlayerView main window.