1. What does PlayerView do?
PlayerView is a fully customizable program that works in conjunction with your PokerTracker database to overlay realtime statistics on top of your Partypoker or affiliate skin window. To see PlayerView in action click on the Screenshots link at the top of the page.

2. What do I need to run PlayerView?

  1. PokerTracker (Does not have to be running while PlayerView is in use; only the databases must be present)
  2. A decently fast PC (P4 1.5 Ghz, Athlon 1800+ or better) with as much RAM as possible (512 MB minimum recommended)
  3. Windows XP or 2000 (Windows 98/ME are not supported)

3. Why are the required specs so demanding?
Realistically a computer much slower can run PlayerView on a few tables without a problem, however we anticipate that most users will have PokerTracker running at the same time (which eats considerably more resources than PlayerView) and will have many tables open. If you are playing just two tables or not using PokerTracker at the same time, PlayerView’s performance may be acceptable on slower systems.

4. What sites and games does PlayerView support?
PlayerView supports all Partypoker skins (PartyPoker, Pokernow, EmpirePoker, IntertopsPoker, Coral Eurobet, and Multipoker). PlayerView works for all limits and tournaments (including sit ‘n goes).

5. When attempting to install PlayerView, it asks me to install the .NET Framework. What’s this about?

PlayerView requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1 Service Pack 1 to operate. To obtain and install the appropriate version, follow this step process:

  1. If you do not have the .NET Framework, or are not sure, you can obtain the .NET framework from Microsoft’s .NET redistributable page
  2. Next, install the .NET framework Service Pack from Microsoft’s .NET Service Pack 1 redistributable page.
  3. Finally, run Windows Update to check for any additional .NET security updates

6. Can PlayerView use databases on a different computer over a network?
Officially PlayerView does not support remote databases, however many users have been able to get this to work. Depending on the network, the latency between the database host and PlayerView client computer may cause performance issues. In addition, it is very strongly advised not to use a PokerTracker database remotely over a wireless connection when using PlayerView.

7. Is PlayerView against any rules?
PlayerView does not gather information from the poker client itself. Rather, it uses the hand histories which are automatically created and saved by the poker site client. It also does not interfere with or modify a poker site client in any way. PlayerView is not against any Terms of Use.

8. I am having trouble with PlayerView how do I get help?
The first thing you should do is read this FAQ and see if your answer is addressed here. The best source of information on PlayerView is the PlayerView Forums, linked at the top of this page. You may also send your queries to [email protected].

9. How do I add new skins to PlayerView?
On the Options screen click on the “Skin Directories” tab and launch the Directory Wizard. Then click Autodetect and give the Wizard a few minutes to detect your new directories.

10. How do I add new Databases to PlayerView?
On the Options screen click on the “Databases” tab and launch the Database Wizard. Then click on Autodetect and give the Wizard will list your databases. You will ned to restart PlayerView for these changes to take effect. If your Database is not added to PokerTracker or is located remotely you will have to add it manually by selecting “Add Database.”

11. How are the table averages calculated?
Table averages are simple averages, a summation of the relevent stats divided by the number of players at the table with stats. The number of hands a player has does not affect the average in any way, there are no weightings.

12. Does PlayerView support multiple databases?
Yes, PlayerView supports multiple databases and this support is “true” multiple database support. This means that the statistics generated from three databases is the true statistics for a particular person if all the data was in one database instead. There is no averaging across databases.

13. How much does PlayerView cost?
PlayerView cost $50, ordering information can be found here. PlayerView will run in trial mode indefinitely for free with full features on one table.

14. What is activation and why is it required?
Activation is the process by which we ensure that each copy of PlayerView being used has been payed for. This protects me from people who don’t think hard working programmers should get compensated for their time and effort.

15. If I get a new computer, or reinstall my current one, will I need to reactivate PlayerView?
Yes, you will. However, a record is kept of a successfull payments and from what e-mail address it came. So I can activate copies of PlayerView for those who have payed for them and gotten a new computer. I will only do this a limited number of times (3) for any single person.

16. Who are you?
My name is Amir Elaguizy, I’m 21 years old. I’m a recreational poker player and an independant software designer. I wrote PlayerView for some friends who play PartyPoker as a primary means of support in October of 2004. I post on the 2+2 forums as amirpc. I can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].